Site and situation are examined and interrogated in the randomness of a collection of images, taken over the course of days, months, years of my life. A soliloquy of urban, at times urbane, and often ulterior, landscapes, of people, places and things. Moments fleeting, yet never facile, have accumulated seemingly without reason or specificity. Viewed individually, or as an ongoing narrative, together comprise a motley group.

Perhaps the representations of escapade or mission, or mere observation or voyeurism, the act undertaken by a watchful eye discloses a penchant for the curious and eclectic. To incite, inspire and ultimately document, something, someone, provides the never-ending impetus. The world tells many stories, as the lens reveals.

Clients: Nike, ESPN, Visa, Wells Fargo, Merrel, Airwalk, Converse, Adidas, Miller Light, Bugle Boy, Mecca, ENYCE, DoubleClick, Pantene, Comedy Central, GMHC, Burton, Microsoft, Red Bull, Peugeot, RCA, BMG, MTV, ATO, Sony, Warner Brothers, Island Def-Jam, Atlantic Records, J Records, Tommy Boy, Road Runner, Universal Music Group, Revelation Records, Equal Vision, Elektra, Wind-Up, Blender, GQ, Penthouse, Filter, Death+Taxes, ESPN the Magazine, Tokion, Esquire, Self, Elle, Paper, Trace, People, Rolling Stone, New York Times Magazine, Vanity Fair, Business 2.0, Dell, Spin, Alternative Press, World Wrestling Magazine, Flex, Das Auto, VW, Mens Fitness, Maxim, Complex, Make a Wish Foundation, Green Chimneys, Fast Company, Inked Magazine, Bailey House, Playboy, FHM, Time INC, XXL, Hollywood Records, Under the Radar Magazine, GM Motors, Bold Ride, Say Media, Warner Bros Animation, DC Comics, Cartoon Network, The GAP.

Selected work

Diving into the Wreck

Hidden Agenda

The Catalog of Ideas

Ballsified Deftness

The Artful Dodger

A Buck Three Eighty

CutTheFat Films